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1999 Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie

Rogers, AR


2020 Grand Design Imagine 2400BH

West Fork, AR


Used 2016 Mercedes E-350

Bentonville, AR


2020 Nor-tech 452 Superfish

Bella Vista, AR


2017 MacBook Pro 13.3

Pineville, MO


1914 Colt 1911

Springdale, AR


2019 John Deere 5045E

Gentry, AR

About Northwest Arkansas Pawn

Providing quick cash loans against high-end assets since '78

For over 35 years, Northwest Arkansas Pawn has been the solution to short-term financial needs. Our desire to help individuals and small business owners get the cash they need quickly, and discreetly, has driven us to perfect the confidential, short-term, collateral loan and offer an invaluable and discreet low-rate re-purchase transaction.

We promise to solve your monetary needs quickly, and securely, all while providing the absolute best experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about how our business works and what we can do for you.

What is a collateral loan?

A collateral loan means that you are using your asset as collateral to secure a loan. After appraising the value of your item, we will work with you to determine the loan amount. You'll leave your item with us until it's time for you to come back, repay the loan, and collect your item.

What kind of items do you accept?

Automobiles, boats, motorcycles, atv's, business equipment, farm equipment, livestock, firearms, jewelry, loose diamonds, luxury watches, gold, silver, platinum, coins, silver-backed dollars, bullion, paper stocks, Apple computers, digital camera equipment, music equipment, designer handbags, and most other luxury and/or business assets.

What items do you not accept?

Car audio, point & shoot cameras, household items, game systems, furs. We reserve the right to refuse any item.

How do you determine my asset's worth?

We base our offer on the current value of your asset, its condition, and our ability to re-sell the item.

Are my assets safe in your storage facilities?

Yes. While your re-purchase agreement remains active, we consider the asset to be your property and care for it accordingly. We place all items in secure, surveilled, and climate-controlled storage until you exercise your re-purchase agreement.

What if I have more questions?

Please give us a call at (479) 531-7349 or use our contact form, below, and someone will contact you within an hour, during business hours.

Do you lend to small businesses?

Yes, and without the invasive and extensive credit and background checks! NWA Pawn lends you the money you need now against collateral you already own, and can lend up to one million dollars within 24 hours of applying, all with no credit checks.

With NWA Pawn:
  • No Credit Checks
  • No Financial Disclosures
  • Simple 10% Monthly Interest
  • No Principal Monthly Payment Required
  • No Compound Interest
Traditional Banking:
  • Credit Check Required
  • 30 Day Loan Period
  • .7% - 17% Monthly Interest
  • Principal Loan Payment Required

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I had several antiques that I wanted to sell. Carson came to my home to look at them, offered me more than I expected, and completed the whole transaction on the spot. This was more than I expected and I would definitely recommend them.

These guys are great! I set up an appointment for Kent to come to my office. The whole thing lasted around 15 minutes. I've found my new lender!

Without Northwest Arkansas Pawn, I wouldn't have made payroll for over three weeks. Thanks, Carson, for going above and beyond.

Clara D.


Rick W.

Retail Executive

Jon J.

Business Owner

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